• DOTM Legion Class Soundwave

    DOTM Legion Class Soundwave Video Review

    Here is a Youtube video review from Fxfranz of the upcoming Transformers DOTM Legion Class Soundwave that is part of the wave 4 release. Check out the embedded video below.  

  • Cyberverse Legion Class Soundwave

    Cyberverse Legion Class Soundwave has posted in-hand images of the upcoming Transformers Cyberverse toyline – DOTM Cyberverse Legion Class Soundwave. Check out the full gallery at HK-TF website and see size comparisons with other...

  • DOTM Cyberverse Soundwave - boxed2

    DOTM Cyberverse Legion Soundwave

    Here are some in-hand images of the upcoming Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Soundwave figure. Thanks to HK-TF forum for the pictures that includes the packaging and bio of Cyberverse Legion...

  • DOTM Cyberverse Guzzle

    Takara Cyberverse Guzzle

    Its another Transformers Cyberverse figure from Transformers Dark of the Moon Takara Tomy toyline featuring Cyberverse Guzzle. The toy is set to be released on October 1, 2011 exclusively distributed at...

  • Lunar Fire Optimus Prime - Wallmart Deluxe Exclusive

    Lunar Fire Optimus Prime Images

    These are in hand images of a repaint Deluxe Optimus Prime Walmart Exclusive Deluxe Class – LUNARFIRE OPTIMUS PRIME posted at website. This figure is equipped with Mechtech ion blaster...

  • TRANSFORMERS Toys Cyberverse Autobot Ark TV Commercial

    DOTM Cyberverse Autobot Ark Playset TV Commercial

    This is the latest update on Hasbro’s Youtube account – a Transformers: Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Autobot Ark Playset TV Commercial. Check out the youtube video embedded below:

  • DOTM Cyberverse Pack

    DOTM Cybertronian Warriors Pack

    This is another Transformers toy sighting posted at of newly released Transformers Dark of the Moon Cybertronian Warriors Pack from Toys R Us. The Toys R Us exclusive set contains...

  • Soundwave Cyberverse box

    DOTM Cyberverse Soundwave

    Here is a TRANSFORMERS DARK OF THE MOON CYBERVERSE Legion Class SOUNDWAVE that is posted at Hasbro’s official website. Check out the official look of DOTM Cyberverse Soundwave and the product...

  • DOTM Cyberverse Guzzle - Robot

    DOTM Cyberverse Guzzle Images

    This images are from the upcoming Transformers Cyberverse edition for the Dark of The Moon toyline. Its Cyberverse Commander Guzzle! See DOTM Cyberverse Guzzle in his robot and tank mode below;...

  • Ratchet Lunar Crawler

    Shockwave Fusion Tank | Ratchet Lunar Crawler

    Here are some images posted at of the third wave of the Dark of the Moon Cyberverse action figures – Shockwave and his Fusion Tank together with Ratchet and his...

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