TCT Customs

  • Kre-o the big race

    Kre-o’s The Big Race

    Kre-o’s YouTube channel has uploaded a new stop motion video entitled “The Big Race”. Check out the video of the racing Transformers embedded below.  

  • DOTM Jetwing Optimus Prime

    DOTM Custom Jetwing Prime | Work in Progress

    Here is my latest custom movie replica piece, a Dark of the Moon Jetwing Optimus Prime. If you notice the image that no jetwing thrusters installed as i am building the...

  • DOTM Custom Optimus Prime

    DOTM Custom Optimus Prime | Work in Progress

    I made a DOTM Custom Optimus Prime before with the release of images of Optimus and Sentinel in a magazine. With only three weeks remaining for the Transformers: Dark of The...

  • DOTM Bumblebee Leader Class Repainted

    DOTM Bumblebee Custom Repaint

    I really like what the original Dark of the Moon Leader Bumblebee new figure from the extended racing black stripes to its new black spoiler. But what turns me off is...

  • grindor-safe

    Custom Grindor safelanded in the Netherlands

    Our client from the Netherlands was generous enough to share us an image of his order custom figure, a Custom Grindor that safely arrived at his end without any major damages....

  • custom-rotf-power-up-7-www-transformerscustomtoys-com_

    Custom Power Up Prime

    This is the most improved version to date of my Custom Power Up Prime, a transformers action figure toy! So what makes this Power Up Prime more unique? I thought of...

  • Custom Transformers Grindor

    Custom Grindor

    Having done so many Blackout Custom, this time around i was asked by a client to do a battle damaged Blackout. My custom instinct has led me to do a movie...

  • Sentinel-Prime-Custom

    Custom DOTM Sentinel Prime Repaint

    Transformers Custom Toys presents a custom repaint of DOTM Sentinel Prime. As soon as i posted the new images of Sentinel Prime, my custom instinct of repainting the figure took place....

  • grinkystal-final


    Grinkrystal (Green Crystal, STM, S2, S4) – a figurative emblem symbolizing krypton’s last energy—the source of strength of Kal-el— embedded in a dagger-like crystal which Jor-el purposely sent along with his...

  • TF3

    Movie Accurate Custom (MAC) Toys

    The most practical way (no kit-bashing) of customizing but closest to the real thing—Movie Accurate Custom available includes: Leader Class Power Up Optimus Prime Deluxe 74 Bumblebee Deluxe Bumblebee Human Alliance Bumblebee...

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