Transformers Custom Toys

  • Custom Transformers Grindor

    Custom Grindor

    Having done so many Blackout Custom, this time around i was asked by a client to do a battle damaged Blackout. My custom instinct has led me to do a movie...

  • Sentinel-Prime-Custom

    Custom DOTM Sentinel Prime Repaint

    Transformers Custom Toys presents a custom repaint of DOTM Sentinel Prime. As soon as i posted the new images of Sentinel Prime, my custom instinct of repainting the figure took place....

  • Bumblebee Custom 2

    Transformers Bumblebee Custom

    We now offer two (2) latest Transformers Custom Bumblebee: 1. TCT Bumblebee Human Alliance Custom 2. TCT Bumblebee HFTD Custom


    DOTM Optimus Prime Custom

    Yes, you read it right! Its my very own fan made project of DOTM Optimus Prime in the upcoming movie Transformers Dark of the Moon. This is a movie replica of...

  • Transformers-Human-Alliance Bumblebee-Custom-Toy-4

    Human Alliance Bumblebee Custom #1

    This is the latest TCT version of Human Alliance Bumblebee Custom, apart from the first two (2) Movie Accurate Customs that was first featured here. Features and changes of Human Alliance...

  • Transformers-Blackout-Custom- D6-6

    Transformers Blackout Custom #1

    Ive made this Transformers Blackout Custom for a customer in canada. This one is so special i call it Epic TCT Blackout #1. Blackout is one of the first Transformers to...

  • Battle Blades power Up Prime 2

    Power Up Battle Blades Optimus Prime

    The image speaks for what is lacking, a description of my latest custom work. This is custom TCT BATTLE BLADES POWER UP OPTIMUS PRIME. A highly detailed custom and a smaller...

  • Battleblade-Power-Up-Optimus-Prime1

    Transformers Battle Blades Power Up

    I made this Transformers Voyager – Battle Blades Optimus Prime a movie accurate Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Battle Blades Power Up. Its a work-in-progress Battle Blades Power Up, the only...

  • DOTM-Power Up Prime 2

    Transformers Power Up Optimus Prime #2

    Update #3 This is my final update on Transformers Power Up Optimus Prime #2. I made some custom led lights on Power Up to add some gimmick on it. More gimmick...

  • OptimusPrime-BattleBladeROTF-Voyager-9

    TF3 Prime – Battle Blades HFTD Prime

    I was about to post this the day before the leaked picture of DOTM Optimus Prime came out. It stands about 5 inches tall—just the smaller version of Leader Class Movie...

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