• Custom DOTM Update #2 robot mode

    Custom DOTM Update # 2

    Here is an update of our DOTM Custom Project that will feature a movie Optimus Prime in Transformers Dark of the moon film with flight pack feature and a battle mode...

  • DOTM Truck Battle Mode - WIP

    Custom DOTM Update # 1

    The two (2) images are teaser images of my next custom DOTM project. This images portrays Optimus Prime’s Trailer Battle Mode and his movie jetpack thrusters. Be sure to check Transformers...

  • DOTM Jetwing Optimus Prime - Teaser

    My next DOTM custom

    Here is a teaser image of my upcoming custom … a custom flight packed DOTM Optimus Prime. This would be my first ever transforming custom figure. Many surprises and gimmicks will...

  • DOTM Bumblebee Leader Class Repainted

    DOTM Bumblebee Custom Repaint

    I really like what the original Dark of the Moon Leader Bumblebee new figure from the extended racing black stripes to its new black spoiler. But what turns me off is...

  • Battle Blades power Up Prime 2

    Power Up Battle Blades Optimus Prime

    The image speaks for what is lacking, a description of my latest custom work. This is custom TCT BATTLE BLADES POWER UP OPTIMUS PRIME. A highly detailed custom and a smaller...

  • Battleblade-Power-Up-Optimus-Prime1

    Transformers Battle Blades Power Up

    I made this Transformers Voyager – Battle Blades Optimus Prime a movie accurate Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Battle Blades Power Up. Its a work-in-progress Battle Blades Power Up, the only...

  • OptimusPrime-BattleBladeROTF-Voyager-9

    TF3 Prime – Battle Blades HFTD Prime

    I was about to post this the day before the leaked picture of DOTM Optimus Prime came out. It stands about 5 inches tall—just the smaller version of Leader Class Movie...

  • bumblebee-7

    Giant Custom Bumblebee

    A work in progress of my ambitious custom transformer toy project Giant Bumblebee: 36 inches tall, fully articulated/posable figure with ultra detailings and real working gears/parts. These are some of the features...

  • Transformers-Movie-Accurate-Customs-optimus

    Power Up Optimus Prime – MC2L Custom Toy

    Stage 1 WIP on my Movie-Come-To-Life Custom Power Up Optimus Prime project using aluminum sheets for plates and parts. This is different figure (leaderclass) from the 19-inch Supreme Class Power Up Prime...

  • Classic-Optimus-Prime-21-140x140

    Classic Optimus Prime Custom (WIP)

    This is my custom version of Classic Optimus Prime. I used aluminum sheet as a medium for this Classic Prime. Its a work in progress so pls stay tuned.