Transformers G1

  • Blurr Upgrade Set

    Blurr Custom Upgrade Kit

    What makes Transformers toys even more cool is the unlimited concept you can design, adding custom upgrade kits, and customizing each figure the way you prefer. Take a look at Generations...

  • Transformers-Flywheels

    Transformers Flywheels

      ”Believe in yourself, but only if you both agree.”

  • Transformers Fizzle

    Transformers Fizzle

    FIZZLE ALLEGIANCE: AUTOBOT FUNCTION: MILITARY STRATEGIST SUB GROUP: SPARKABOT   ”Planning a battle is ten times more important than fighting it.”  

  • Transformers Raindance

    Transformers Raindance

    RAINDANCE ALLEGIANCE: AUTOBOT FUNCTION: VIDEO CORRESPONDENT “Every picture tells a story.” Profile: Raindance is a flashy and talkative Autobot who wants to use his position as a video reporter to make...

  • Transformers Rad

    Transformers Rad

    TRANSFORMERS RAD ALLEGIANCE: AUTOBOT FUNCTION:AEROSPACE ENGINEER SUB-GROUP: ACTION MASTER “Think before you shoot, but shoot before you’re shot!” Profile: Rad moves between the cliques of cocky Autobot warrior jocks to the...

  • Transformers Punch

    Transformers Punch

    PUNCH FUNCTION: ALLEGIANCE: AUTOBOT SUB GROUP: DOUBLE SPY “In my business, there are no friends, only suspects.” Profile: Knowing what to say and when to speak or remain silent are the...

  • Transformers Dogfight

    Transformers Dogfight

    DOGFIGHT ALLEGIANCE: AUTOBOT SUB GROUP: TRIGGERBOT FUNCTION: AERIAL COMBAT “Don’t fire ’til you see the lights of their eyes.” Profile: Dogfight is a renegade who fights every bit as savagely as...

  • g1-tracks

    Transformers G1 Tracks

    TRACKS ALLEGIANCE: AUTOBOTS FUNCTION: WARRIOR “Looking good is what life is all about.” Profile:“Lousy Earth-lover,” is one of the nicer epithets used by some of Tracks’ comrades to describe his behavior....

  • G1 Tailgate

    Transformers Tailgate

      ”Let my fellow mechanical beings go!”

  • Energon-Transformers

    Transformers Energon

    Energon is the primary fuel source for all of Cybertron’s inhabitants. The power source exists in a raw form throughout the planet, although it has become far less plentiful throughout the...

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