• Transformers DOTM Target Exclusive Leadfoot

    DOTM Deluxe Leadfoot Video Review

    Check out Peaugh’s video review of the upcoming Target Exclusive figure – Transformers DOTM Leadfoot Deluxe Class. Leadfoot together with Topspin and Roadbuster formed an elite Autobot commando unit known as...


    Revoltech DOTM Optimus Prime Review

    Here is a more detailed review from Peaugh’s YouTube channel of the highly articulated figure Sci Fi Revoltech Movie Optimus Prime Series No. 030. Check out the embedded review below!

  • Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime Voyager Class Repaint

    DOTM Optimus Prime Voyager Repaint

    A new repainted figure of Transformers Dark of the Moon Voyager Class Optimus Prime has emerged from Transformers Galaxy fanpage. The figure features a new set of weapons, a battle damage...

  • Canon Force Ironhide DOTM

    Canon Force Ironhide New Images

    Transformers Galaxy has posted several new images of the upcoming Transformers Dark Of The Moon Voyager Class Cannon Force Ironhide at their fanpage. Cannon Force Ironhide is a red version of...

  • Transformers Ultimate Optimus Prime Mechtech Commercial

    Ultimate Optimus Prime DOTM Commercial

    The official Transformers YouTube channel has posted a new commercial for the Transformers Dark of the Moon toyline featuring the most powerful Autobot ever – Ultimate Optimus Prime. Check out the...

  • Transformers DOTM Chronicle Megatron 2 Pack

    Transformers Chronicle Megatron 2 Pack

    Transformers Galaxy has posted on their Facebook page an image of Takara Tomy’s upcoming release of Transformers Chronicle Megatron. The figure is a repaint of Dark of the Moon Voyager Megatron....

  • DOTM Voyager Shockwave Costco Exclusive

    DOTM Voyager Shockwave & Optimus Prime 2 Pack Costco Exclusive

    Remember the ebay auction that first leaked the DOTM Voyager Shockwave having a translucent cannon? Canadian member Sideswipe88 of TFW2005 has posted an image of the figure that reveals a two-pack...

  • Cyberverse Legion Class Soundwave

    Cyberverse Legion Class Soundwave has posted in-hand images of the upcoming Transformers Cyberverse toyline – DOTM Cyberverse Legion Class Soundwave. Check out the full gallery at HK-TF website and see size comparisons with other...

  • Transformers 3 DOTM Darksteel Deluxe Classs

    DOTM Darksteel Video Review

    An early review for the upcoming Transformers Dark of the Moon figure – Deluxe Class Darksteel has been posted by Optibotimus at his youtube channel. The figure is a repaint of...

  • DOTM Air Raid Deluxe Class

    DOTM Air Raid Deluxe Class Video Review

    DOTM Deluxe Class Air Raid has been reviewed through youtube by Optibotimus. This figure is part of the Transformers DOTM Deluxe Wave 5 which includes Exclusive – Deluxe – DOTM Darksteel...

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