Rechargeable Blackout

Updated: August 7, 2011

After posting my Custom Grindor at a forum, i was lucky enough to meet a client from Europe and was very interested to commission a Blackout piece after seeing the images of the said custom. This client didn’t hesitate to ask me for a commissioned Blackout, the only details he gave me was his adoration for non transforming figures and has a collection from popular customizer. Overwhelmed and excited to start the build process, i decided to make an extreme custom out of his figure.

We now present to you the first ever movie replica rechargeable Custom Blackout. This custom toy is powered by a 5 volt cellphone battery to light up Blackout LED’s. The same paintjob applies to our standard Blackout to have a flat color scheme finishing in an elegantly brutal glossy paint scheme.

Here are some of the list of modifications done to Blackout:

[tabcontainer] [tabtext]LED GIMMICKS[/tabtext] [tabtext]ACCESSORIES[/tabtext] [tabtext]
ARTICULATIONS [/tabtext] [/tabcontainer] [tabcontent]

  • EYES (red)
  • Chest (multiple)
  • Gatling Gun (lits as it pops out – left arm)
  • EMP BLASTERS (lits as it pops out – right arm)
  • ROTOR BLADES (small via earth magnets)
  • Main Rotor Blades (pegs)
  • EMP BLASTERS (via earth magnets)
  • Chest Minigun
  • WAIST (new)
  • Head (via earth magnet)
  • Hands (via earth magnet)
  • Feet (ball jointed)
  • [/tabcontent]


    Blackout Custom Rechargeable - 2

    Blackout Custom Rechargeable - 4

    Blackout Custom Rechargeable - battery

    Interested in this custom Blackout/Grindor? Feel free to inquire below. Please indicate your full name, location and the required works you want in your custom figure. Thank you.

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