Custom Prototype-i

Updated: July 22, 2011


I once built a custom ROTF Power Up which took me six months to finish and named it Prototype. I was asked once again for a commission to rebuilt the design but this time with some variation on my Movie Accurate Custom Power Up. I call it Power Up Prototype-i. The chest, back and arm assembly is almost perfectly the same as my first Prototype. Assembly of the inner thigh panels, feet, shoulders and the Thrusters are based on my Movie Accurate Custom (MAC) design. I was ask for a custom Big gun and a twin rail gun which i added to its accessories.

[learn_more caption=”Here are the basic custom details of the commissioned Power Up:”]

1. Chest design
[custom_list type=”dot”]I have retained the original chest design which was made from many Jetfire’s parts which include fingers, chest plates, collars, and more. The idea was to give him a bulkier torso which he had in the movie.[/custom_list]

2. Back assembly
The very significant elements here are the red and blue panels that form his “butterfly wings” on his back. Attaching to its back are the set of main wings, fore wings, hind wings, and tail wings giving it 4 sets of wings that you could actually see in the movie during fusion. It also includes the back black armor situated at an angle over its back adjacent to the shoulder spikes giving it a spectacular look.

3. Arm assembly
A bulkier set of arms are perfect for the bulky body of prototype which is retained here in the prototype-i. Parts from op’s truck doors are inserted between the main arm and red side panels giving it the bulk it needs to proportionate its over-all look.

4. Outer thigh side panel design and knee cap/armor
The thigh armors are made up of Jetfire’s ribcage cut in half and glued to the side of each Prototype’s thighs. Over it are more parts of Jetfire’s giving it the technical look and bulk it needs.

5. Inner thigh panels
I used MAC design to bulk the inner side of the thighs. The reason for this is because I used one LC Jetfire in this version. The original design in the prototype required two Jetfire.

6. Feet Design
As requested by client/owner, I used MAC feet for the prototype-i. This is made by cutting, and scrambling the different parts of Optimus Prime and Jetfire. This design added 2 ¾” to Power Up Prime’s over all height.

7. Thrusters
Due to lack of parts since I used one Leader Class Jetfire, a MAC thruster design is considered for this model. The only added feature to this thruster design is the missiles from LC starscream. You can see the missiles on Power Up’s thrusters during fusion. The total length of the thruster is 7 ¾” and gave the prototype-i a towering height of 15”.

8. Shoulders
The prototype shoulders have only the half of MAC’s shoulder design. It is made up of Jetfire’s pelvis/thigh joints/parts. Aside from the prototype thigh armor design, the MAC shoulder design is famous to many customizers around the globe.

9. New sets of guns (Big gun and twin rail gun)
Bigger, bulkier, and longer design for the Big Gun while I copied the white power up prime twin rail gun for prototype-i’s keft arms.

10. Shoulder Spikes
I have added the shoulder spikes very similar to that of GK version though to give it a more movie accurate look.

Other added features from my GK Edition was added thus this heavily modified Custom Power Prototype-i is truly a masterpiece worth to own. Enjoy the images below 🙂