Dark of the Moon Bumblebee Crankcase Ironhide Ratchet

Updated: March 10, 2011

Take a look on an official bio plus images of Dark of the Moon toylines; Dark of the Moon Bumblebee Deluxe Class, Dark of the Moon CrankcaseDeluxe Class, Dark of the Moon Ratchet Deluxe Class and Dark of the Moon Ironhide Voyager Class posted on Kmart.com. Read on below:


BUMBLEBEE has spent decades perfecting his fighting skills. With or without weapons, he is one of the most skilled fighters the AUTOBOTS have. He is dedicated to using his skills to defeat the DECEPTICONS, no matter where they appear.


As an expert tracker and infiltrator, CRANKCASE serves MEGATRON from the shadows. Unseen and never recognized, he watches the AUTOBOTS and reports their movements back to his master. He rarely engages in combat, but when he does, it is swift, terrible, and final.


AUTOBOT RATCHET has dedicated his life to healing the sick and repairing the wounded. Every weapon he has ever carried has served a dual purpose as both a means of defense and a rescue tool. Even as he battles the DECEPTICONS, his mind works overtime to process the most efficient means of saving his enemies lives once the battle is over.


Fasten your seatbelts for some fast-paced fun with this vehicle-to-robot hero! This mighty IRONHIDE figure changes from battle-ready robot mode to GMC Topkick vehicle mode so he can chase down his enemies or fight the fiercest foes. As the battle rages on, keep converting him back and forth so hes ready to face whatever his enemies throw at him!