DMK vs GK Custom

Updated: August 10, 2011

As soon as the images of Dual Model Kit 01 (DMK01) came out I took one LC HFTD Optimus Prime for his “DOTM” customization. After a long wait since it still in work-in-progress due to unavailable parts of a 95% finished DOTM Optimus Prime, DMK01 came into my hands and now had a much clearer comparison of the two. Obviously, Grinkrystal (GK) Custom DOTM Prime is taller. DMK01 stands 9.5” while GK is 10.5”. I always believed that Prime was a slick, tall, sexy autobot leader but they made him bulkier in DOTM. Hence, the abs/6 packs. The upper body of GK is very broad and sexy to the waist line compared to DMKs bulky torso. DMK is rather a “new” or “DOTM” Prime. GK still got the old prime look. Without the customized abs, he would still look perfectly TF/ROTF Prime. Enjoy!