DOTM Cybertronian Warriors Pack

Updated: August 5, 2011

This is another Transformers toy sighting posted at of newly released Transformers Dark of the Moon Cybertronian Warriors Pack from Toys R Us. The Toys R Us exclusive set contains the Autobots Bumblebee (with Mobile Battle Bunker) and (Commander) Ironhide, versus Decepticons (Legion) Barricade and (Legion) Crankcase. This Transformers figures are a must if you are an avid fan of Cyberverse toyline.

DOTM Cyberverse- Cybertronian Pack

DOTM Cyberverse- Cybertronian Warriors Pack


Product Details
[quote]The report of plasma cannons and the gnash of metal echo through city streets – four elite warriors are locked in an epic battle that will seal fates and alter destinies. It was battles like this that turned the TRANSFORMERS home planet CYBERTRON to scrap. The stakes are high – those with superior leadership and weaponry will triumph, while tactical errors risk deactivation, dismantling and eternity in the enemies’ junkyard![/quote]