DOTM Track Battle Roadbuster

Updated: August 12, 2011

This figure is a Wal-Mart Exclusive toy of Transformers 3 and a Dark Of The Moon Deluxe Wave 5 release. The orange repaint Roadbuster is named “Track Battle Roadbuster”. This mold has the original look of Deluxe Roadbuster with the same Mechtech Weaponry. Images of DOTM Track Battle Roadbuster below:

DOTM Track Battle Roadbuster-boxed

[quote]Supercharged and ready for action, ROADBUSTER is itching to try out his newest weapon against any DECEPTICON dumb enough to show his face. The AUTOBOT tinkerer has souped up his engine, boosted the output of his cannons, and reinforced his armor in anticipation of the next big battle. He can`t wait![/quote]
DOTM Track Battle Roadbuster-info

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