Lunarfire Optimus Prime

Updated: August 12, 2011

Remember Optimus Prime and Ratchet retrieval operation for Sentinel Prime in the Moon? Well here you go a Wal-mart Exclusive release of Lunarfire Optimus Prime from the Dark of the Moon toyline. Also equipped with a mechtech ion cannon, this Lunarfire Optimus Prime is a sure addition on your Transformers collection of movie figures.

DOTM Lunarfire Optimus Prime - boxed

[quote]AUTOBOT RATCHET just modified his leader’s vehicle mode with a gleaming Cybertanium coating designed to withstand the most punishing conditions in the galaxy! With his stunning new paint job and ultra-powerful ion cannon, OPTIMUS PRIME, the mighty leader of the AUTOBOTS, is tuned up and ready to roll out![/quote]
DOTM Lunarfire Optimus Prime - info

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