Masterpiece Rodimus Prime

Updated: July 21, 2011

Here is an exclusive Toys’R’Us Masterpiece Rodimus Prime brought to you exclusively at Toys’R’Us which can also be purchased at San Diego’s Comic Con 2011. Sad to say that Rodimus Convoy’s trailer is not included but you can get the limited edition Targetmaster Offshoot as a bundle package. You can get this figure by following this link.

Transformers Fizzle

[learn_more caption=”Product Description”]
Before the coming of UNICRON®, RODIMUS® was already a talented warrior, recognized by his comrades for his potential and his lack of patience. When he became RODIMUS PRIME, he immediately set out to lead from the front. He was always the first on the battlefield, and the last off, thrusting himself into the deepest danger rather than asking any of the robots under his command to sacrifice themselves.

Lead the charge into battle with your RODIMUS PRIME figure and his interchangeable weapons and tools! Convert your OFFSHOOT figure into weapon mode and use it separately or mount it onto RODIMUS in vehicle mode. Turn the tide of battle by combining the blasters into a battle rifle accessory. Victory is in your hands! [/learn_more]