• Transformers Prime Season Finale Part 3

    Transformers Prime Part 3 Season Finale Clip

    Is this for real? The Autobots join forces with the Decepticons to battle the chaos bringer Unicron in the season finale episode of Transformer Prime. Part 2 airs on The Hub...

  • Transformers Prime One Shall Rise #5 Teaser Image

    “One Shall Rise” Teaser Image

    Here is a screenshot from Transformers Facebook fanpage of Transformers Prime Season 1 Finale event, “One Shall Rise”. Get to see the Autobots battle the Decepticon plus the cameo appearance of...

  • Transformers Fizzle

    Transformers Fizzle

    FIZZLE ALLEGIANCE: AUTOBOT FUNCTION: MILITARY STRATEGIST SUB GROUP: SPARKABOT   ”Planning a battle is ten times more important than fighting it.”  

  • Transformers Raindance

    Transformers Raindance

    RAINDANCE ALLEGIANCE: AUTOBOT FUNCTION: VIDEO CORRESPONDENT “Every picture tells a story.” Profile: Raindance is a flashy and talkative Autobot who wants to use his position as a video reporter to make...

  • Transformers Punch

    Transformers Punch

    PUNCH FUNCTION: ALLEGIANCE: AUTOBOT SUB GROUP: DOUBLE SPY “In my business, there are no friends, only suspects.” Profile: Knowing what to say and when to speak or remain silent are the...

  • Transformers Dogfight

    Transformers Dogfight

    DOGFIGHT ALLEGIANCE: AUTOBOT SUB GROUP: TRIGGERBOT FUNCTION: AERIAL COMBAT “Don’t fire ’til you see the lights of their eyes.” Profile: Dogfight is a renegade who fights every bit as savagely as...

  • g1-tracks

    Transformers G1 Tracks

    TRACKS ALLEGIANCE: AUTOBOTS FUNCTION: WARRIOR “Looking good is what life is all about.” Profile:“Lousy Earth-lover,” is one of the nicer epithets used by some of Tracks’ comrades to describe his behavior....

  • G1 Tailgate

    Transformers Tailgate

      ”Let my fellow mechanical beings go!”

  • Transformers-Twin-Twist-Autobot

    Transformers Twin Twist

    TWIN TWIST ALLEGIANCE: AUTOBOT FUNCTION: DEMOLITIONS “War is wherever I want it to be.” Profile: Nothing is more exhilarating to Twin Twist than the feeling of sinking his drills into a...

  • Transformers Fastlane Autobot

    Transformers Fastlane

      ”Either you’re out of my way or you’re out of luck.”   FASTLANE ALLEGIANCE: AUTOBOT FUNCTION: WARRIOR SUB GROUP: CLONE Profile: Since Cloudraker assumed the role of a...

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