• 2012 BotCon Gigatron Images

    BotCon 2012 Gigatron Images

    Transformers Galaxy facebook page has posted in-hand images of the upcoming BotCon 2012 exclusive Gigatron. Check out BotCon’s exclusive Gigatron (Overlord) from the “Invasion” boxset in his robot and tank modes...

  • Botcon Exlusive Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus

    Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus | BotCon 2012

    Here are some images of Botcon’s upcoming 2012 exclusive figure Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus. Check out the robot, alternate and a headshot of Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus mirrored below.

  • Octopunch Botcon Exclusive

    Octopunch Botcon Exclusive

    An ebay listing has posted an auction regarding a rumored Octopunch Botcon exclusive. From the image of its robot and alternate mode, it looks like a repaint of HFTD Seaspray with...

  • Botcon Heroic Decepticon Soundwave

    Heroic Decepticon Soundwave

    Here is another reveal of 2012 Botcon Exclusive Invasion Boxset figure featuring the Heroic Decepticon Soundwave toy! This figure is based on the Universe Ironhide/Ratchet mold with a different Soundwave head....

  • Botcon 2012 Tracks

    Botcon 2012 Tracks

    Botcon has revealed with latest exclusive Invasion box set figure Shattered Glass Tracks. The toy uses the Reveal the Shield Tracks mold and features the E-Hobby exclusive Road Rage paint scheme....