• OptimusPrime-BattleBladeROTF-Voyager-9

    TF3 Prime – Battle Blades HFTD Prime

    I was about to post this the day before the leaked picture of DOTM Optimus Prime came out. It stands about 5 inches tall—just the smaller version of Leader Class Movie...

  • Power Up Prime Custom ROTF - Optimus Prime

    Power Up Optimus Prime Custom ROTF 1st Anniv Edition

    In anticipation to my first anniversary as Transformers Customizer AND the upcoming release of Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon movie, I enhanced and made a new transformers custom figure Revenge...

  • transformers3-alpha-trion-

    Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon Trailer

    Watch the first trailer of Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon which features a yellow or golden Autobot which appears to be confined in a ship. I firmly believe that he...

  • grinkystal-final


    Grinkrystal (Green Crystal, STM, S2, S4) – a figurative emblem symbolizing krypton’s last energy—the source of strength of Kal-el— embedded in a dagger-like crystal which Jor-el purposely sent along with his...

  • Optimus-prime-classic-final

    Movie-Come-To-Life Custom Figures

    Hyper Realism Customization catches not only the profile and colors BUT the essence of the charcter being costumized. On-going Projects include: Leader Class Movie Classic Optimus Prime Leader Class Power Up...

  • Classic Prime

    Classic Optimus Prime Movie-Come-to-Life Custom Figure

    A work in progress picture of Classic Optimus Prime Leader Class set to release in the international scene via this website.

  • Special-Concept-Figure

    Special Concept Figures

    These figures did not make it to Hasbro manufacturing. Using other transformer figures, models, etc, the following is formed: Leader Class Blackout/Grindor Supreme Class Blackout/Grindor On-going Projects include: Leader Class Bone...

  • Optimus-Prime

    Ultimate Custom Power Up Optimus Prime

    Since August 2010, i have started building Prime’s resurrected state—ULTIMATE Power Up Prime—in celebration of my youtube’s first ever video. This will be included with all Movie-Come-to-Life Custom figures line up...