• DOTM-Barricade-car-mode-2

    DOTM Barricade

    This is what my next special custom will be a 12″ Barricade only at TCT. Well to update you guys on Dark of the moon toys, Red leader via TFW2005 posted...

  • DOTM Barricade

    Dark of the Moon Barricade leaked pics

    A new look at DOTM Barricade with a new paint scheme is surfacing on the internet which was first posted at 4Chan board. DOTM Barricade looks very evil apart from his...

  • barricadeDOTM

    DOTM Barricade with Mechtech Weapon

    Actoys posted a leaked picture of Barricade in Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon toyline which feature his robot and alternate form with the new Mechtech weapon.