• Laserbeak-Double A

    Double A Laserbeak Transformers 3 Commercial

    Finally! We get to see Laserbeak in action. I wonder why Laserbeak has his own tv commercial than Megatron, Starscream or even Shockwave. In G1, Laserbeak is one of Megs favorite...

  • DOTM Laser Beak

    Dark Of The Moon Laserbeak new images

    Its another release of Dark of the Moon toyline which features an official image of DOTM Laserbeak in Deluxe Class. This images show how cool DOTM Laserbeak is and exhibits the...

  • DOTM-Laserbeak-new-1

    Dark of the Moon Laserbeak

    Fresh images of Dark of the Moon Laserbeak was posted at ACToys website. These are up-close images of Transformers: Dark of the Moon Laserbeak. Enjoy

  • DOTM-Shockwave-TF3

    DOTM Laserbeak Deluxe| DOTM Shockwave Voyager

    Here’s a clearer images of Transformers DOTM Laserbeak Deluxe Class and DOTM Shockwave Voyager Class. Transformers Dark of the Moon movie will be released on July 1, 2011.

  • DOTM Laserbeak

    Leaked DOTM Laserbeak toy images

    Take a look at a possible DOTM Laserbeak Dark of the moon toyline. DOTM Laserbeak was spotted on the Transformers Superbowl TVSpot. Could this be the toy?