• Dark of the Moon Human Alliance Soundwave - robot

    Dark of the Moon Human Alliance Soundwave

    Here are some in-hand images of Soundwave with Laserbeak and Dylan Gould figure from the Transformers: Dark of the Moon line posted from Transformers Galaxy fanpage. Check out the mirrored image...

  • DOTM Wheeljack robot mode - Que

    DOTM Deluxe Soundwave | Wheeljack

    Take a look at the two new DOTM deluxe figures, Soundwave and Wheeljack displayed at New York Comic Con posted from TFW2005 board. This two figures will be the next assortment...

  • Human Alliance Soundawave Packaging

    DOTM Human Alliance Soundwave

    Take a look at the in package image of upcoming DOTM Human Alliance Soundwave from Actoys website. The figure comes with new Human Alliance mold Soundwave in his SLS Mercedes AMG...

  • DOTM Legion Class Soundwave

    DOTM Legion Class Soundwave Video Review

    Here is a Youtube video review from Fxfranz of the upcoming Transformers DOTM Legion Class Soundwave that is part of the wave 4 release. Check out the embedded video below.  

  • Cyberverse Legion Class Soundwave

    Cyberverse Legion Class Soundwave

    HK-TF.com has posted in-hand images of the upcoming Transformers Cyberverse toyline – DOTM Cyberverse Legion Class Soundwave. Check out the full gallery at HK-TF website and see size comparisons with other...

  • DOTM Soundwave - bot mode

    DOTM Wheeljack | Soundwave

    Two (2) new upcoming Deluxe class of Transformers Dark of the Moon toyline has been leaked at Seibertron.com. Check out DOTM Wheeljack and DOTM Soundwave in their robot and Mercedes alternate...

  • Soundwave Cyberverse box

    DOTM Cyberverse Soundwave

    Here is a TRANSFORMERS DARK OF THE MOON CYBERVERSE Legion Class SOUNDWAVE that is posted at Hasbro’s official website. Check out the official look of DOTM Cyberverse Soundwave and the product...

  • DOTM Human Alliance Soundwave

    DOTM Human Alliance Soundwave

    Another DOTM Human Alliance Class is out there. TFW2005 board posted some detailed high resolution images of Human Alliance Soundwave from Tranformers Dark of the Moon toyline displayed together with Laserbeak...