• Transformers-DOTM-Starscream

    DOTM Starscream Movie Clip

    Fandango has featured a clip on Transformers Dark Of The Moon movie featuring Starscream, Sam and Carly. Watch the clip below.

  • DOTM-Starscream-Target-Exclusive

    DOTM Starscream Target Exclusive

    Posted from an auction in Yahoo Japan, this is a sneak preview of what is expected of DOTM Starscream Target Exclusive. The auction has only posted a jet mode of DOTM...

  • DOTM-Starscream-Voyager

    Dark of the Moon Voyager Starscream

    A leaked image of Dark of the Moon Voyager Class Starscream has been posted on Ebay. Check the pics below:

  • Deluxe-Starscream-Robot-DOTM

    Official Starscream DOTM pics

    Here is a Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon official pictures of a Deluxe Class Starscream with a pair of weapons that shows a large giant blade that can be folded...

  • Dark-Of-The-Moon-Starscream1

    Dark Of The Moon Deluxe Starscream

    Dark of The Moon Deluxe Starscream is seen in detailed at ACTOYS which shows images of Starscream’s transformation, his activation of Mech Tech weapons from gun to sword and a comparison...