• Kre-o the big race

    Kre-o’s The Big Race

    Kre-o’s YouTube channel has uploaded a new stop motion video entitled “The Big Race”. Check out the video of the racing Transformers embedded below.  

  • Kre-o Transformers Mirage - robot

    Kre-O Transformers Sideswipe

    Here is another Kre-O Transformers inspired from Generation Transformers. As similar to other Kre-O Transformers figures, this toy contains 220 bricks in the box which can create a Sideswipe robot, a...

  • Kre-o Starscream

    Kre-o Transformers Starscream

    Here is another Kre-O Transformers toyline. Its a Kre-o Transformers Starscream Construction Set. The set includes 316 construction bricks which you can create Starscream robot or a Starscream jet fighter plane....