• United Tank Megatron

    Transformers United Tank Megatron

    Japanese toy blogger Alfes2010 has posted images from the upcoming TakaraTomy Transformers United Megatron figure. We now get the chance to see the repainted version of Classic Megatron in Generation 2...

  • DOTM Dark Jetwing Optimus Prime

    DOTM Dark Jetwing Optimus Prime

    Here’s is an image from Robot Kindom’s website of the upcoming Takara Tomy Transformers Movie 3 DOTM – Asia Exclusive DA-15 Dark Nightwatch Jet-Wing Optimus Prime. This limited version comes with...

  • Transformers Disney Label Mickey Mouse

    Transformers Disney Label Mickey Mouse

    Transformers Disney Label, a product of TakaraTomy design Transformers toys upon which are based on Disney characters. Check out the latest Transformers Disney Label Mickey Mouse Trailer Standard version featuring an...

  • Transformers Prime Deluxe Megatron

    Takara Tomy Transformers Prime Toys

    Japanese Transformers toy manufacturer TakaraTomy have updated their website with Transformers Prime “First Edition” figures and DOTM Deluxe Neoscanning Bumblebee. The website contains bios of the characters and galleries of Deluxe...

  • TakaraTomy Transformers Designers

    Interview with Takara’s Transformers Designers

    Takara’s Youtube channel has uploaded an interview behind the three designers of Takara Tomy Transformers. The video shows Hironori Kobayashi, Hisashi Yuki and Hisao Nishimoto talking about the design of Striker...

  • Takara Tomy Gold Sentinel Prime Voyager

    Takara’s Gold Sentinel Prime

    If you are living in Japan, here is your chance to own a gold chrome Transformers: Dark Side Moon Sentinel Prime. Takara Tomy has announced their lucky draw campaign that gives...

  • DOTM Jet Power Optimus Prime

    DOTM Jetpower Optimus Prime

    For those of you who missed Takara’s Buster Optimus Prime and Jetfire Combo under the Revenge of the Fallen toyline, here’ some good news! Robotkingdom has put up a pre-order page...

  • Takara Encore #22 Twincast cassette

    Takara Encore #22 Twincast, Nightstalker and Stripes

    Here are some images of the upcoming tapedeck Takara Encore figures – Twincast, Nightstalker and Stripes posted at Amazon Japan. Check out also Takara Encore #21 Soundblaster images here.

  • Takara Encore Soundblaster,Twincast & Wing Thing

    Takara Encore #21 Soundblaster Images

    Takara has unveiled the official images of the upcoming Encore figures – #21 Soundblaster and #22 Twincast through Amazon Japan. Take a look at the their robot and cassette mode below....

  • Transformers DSM DA-34 Deluxe Leadfoot (2)

    Deluxe Leadfoot and HA Soundwave Official Images

    Amazon Japan has posted official imagery of Takara Tomy’s Leadfoot along with Human Alliance Soundwave. Similar to the Takara DSM lines, Human Alliance Soundwave closely resembles to its Hasbro counterpart. Additionaly,...

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