• Transformers Fall of Cybertron Sludge

    Transformers Fall of Cybertron Sludge

    Another concept art image from Transformers Fall of Cybertron game has been uploaded from the Transformers Game Facebook page. Check out Transformers Fall of Cybertron Sludge from the Dinobots!

  • Transformers 3 Concept Art - Shockwave piloting Driller

    Dark of the Moon Concept Art | Ryan Church

    Transformers 3 Artist Ryan Church has shared some of concept images that never appeared in the movie, Transformers Dark of the Moon. A few images shows Shockwave navigating the Driller’s colossus...

  • Transformers Insecticon's BOB

    Transformers Insecticon Bob

    What do you know? Its Bob, Sunstreaker’s new pet Insecticon in Transformers #20. Guido Guidi the Transformers Artist has posted a concept sketch of “Bob” originally named as Spike over his...

  • TF3 Hatchling-Transformers Concept Art

    DOTM Concept Art | Tsvetomir Georgiev

    Another Transformers CGI Artist has posted some of his beautiful CGI creations of Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon CGI renders. This time its Tsvetomir Georgiev. Check his work for the...

  • TF3 Sentinel Prime - Concept Art

    More Transformers 3 Concept Art

    Trasformers Concept artist Warren Manser has updated his website of pre-production concept art from Transformers Dark of the Moon. Here are some cool images of Optimus Prime Trailer Battle Mode, Laserbeak...

  • Bumblebee Concept-Heat Scramble Booster Pack #2 Artwork

    Heat Scramble Booster Pack #2 Artwork

    Here is a gallery of the artwork featured in booster pack #2 from Takara Tomy’s Heat Scramble section. It showcase the recent characters from Transformers Dark of the Moon and the...

  • DOTM-Concept-Art-Optimus-Prime-shoulder-cannon

    More DOTM Concept Art

    Here are Transformers concept art images from Massive Black. Check out some concept weapons for Optimus such as chainsaw, shoulder mounted cannons and blade weapons. Check more Transformers concept art from...