• Transformers

    Transformers: The Ride 3D | Super Bowl Teaser

    Universal Studios youtube channel has uploaded a teaser video for the upcoming Transformers: The Ride Super Bowl Pregame Commercial. Check out Optimus Prime and his important message below.

  • Transformers the ride EVAC

    Transformers: The Ride, Now Open!

    Transformers: The Ride, a Transformers theme park ride of Universal Studios Singapore at Resorts World Sentosa is now officialy open! Thanks to The Theme Park Guy website for uploading images of...

  • Transformers the Ride

    Transformers: The Ride Preview

    Here is a preview of Transformers: The Ride, the 3d theme park being develop at Universal Studios Singapore. Take a look at the video that explain the attraction that the theme...

  • transformers the ride allspark vault

    Transformers the Ride “Allspark Vault”

    Transformers the Ride has updated its blog with a exclusive look at The Allspark Vault from Transformers The Ride. The image portrays the Allspark Vault at Nest Head Quarters in Transformers...