• iGear Presser Prototype Images

    iGear Presser Prototype Images

    iGear facebook page has uploaded a prototype images of the upcoming third party design for the Wrecker Impactor homage they have named “Presser.” This images shows the actual figure showing the...

  • Michael Bay Transformers the Ride

    Michael Bay and Transformers 4

    Michael Bay, the director of the Transformers Movie Trilogy answered some questions during his attendance at the world premier of Transformers: The Ride at Universal Studios Singapore. Check out the embedded...

  • Nominus Prime

    Nominus Prime Sketch

    Transformers Artist Alex Milne has posted a sketch design of Nominus Prime – a forerunner of Sentinel Prime that will be featured on Transformers Ongoing #23. Interesting that Nominus Prime will...

  • DOTM_CGI2 (2)

    DOTM CGI Images

    A new set of images of Dark of the Moon CGI through Amazon Japan. The cover DOTM CGI is for a colouring and doodle book for younger Transformers fans. The cover...

  • Transformers-TheArk-www.transformerscustomtoys.com

    Transformers The Ark

    THE ARK The finest spacecraft in Cybertronian history, the Ark was originally conceived as part of Optimus Prime’s initial plan to leave Cybertron upon assuming command of the Autobots. When circumstances...

  • TF3LeakIronhide2DOTM

    Ironhide DOTM leaked pics

    A quick look on a deluxe Ironhide leaked pictures in Transformers: Dark of the Moon toys. Ironhide’s robot form Ironhide’s alternate mode, a GMC black pickup truck

  • bumblebee-7

    Giant Custom Bumblebee

    A work in progress of my ambitious custom transformer toy project Giant Bumblebee: 36 inches tall, fully articulated/posable figure with ultra detailings and real working gears/parts. These are some of the features...

  • shockwave

    Shockwave | Transformers 3 Main Villain

    With the ongoing filming of Transformers: The Dark of the Moon that is set to be released on 2011, Director Michael Bay revealed that Shockwave is the main villain in the...

  • Transformers-Movie-Accurate-Customs-optimus

    Power Up Optimus Prime – MC2L Custom Toy

    Stage 1 WIP on my Movie-Come-To-Life Custom Power Up Optimus Prime project using aluminum sheets for plates and parts. This is different figure (leaderclass) from the 19-inch Supreme Class Power Up Prime...

  • TF3

    Movie Accurate Custom (MAC) Toys

    The most practical way (no kit-bashing) of customizing but closest to the real thing—Movie Accurate Custom available includes: Leader Class Power Up Optimus Prime Deluxe 74 Bumblebee Deluxe Bumblebee Human Alliance Bumblebee...

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