Transformers Arblus

Updated: March 3, 2011


“He who screams and runs away lives to run another day.”

Profile: Like Chicken Little, or the boy who cried wolf, Arblus is prone to make rash statements before examining the facts or the consequences of his actions. This has often gotten him into a lot of trouble with his fellow Lithones. But because the Lithones are not by nature vengeful, he is never severely punished. Arblus is a close friend of Kranix. In fact, one of Arblus’s foremost traits is his loyalty. For Arblus, friendship is for life and he will willingly sacrifice his own to save that of a friend’s—provided he isn’t immobilized by panic first.

Arblus possesses an unusually high concentration of emotional circuits in his computer brain. As a result, Arblus can be thrown into a hysterical tizzy over a relatively minor crisis and into a paralyzing panic during a true disaster.

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