Transformers Autobot Alpha Trion

Updated: February 12, 2011


“Until that day, until are one.”

Profile: Considered only a myth by many Alpha Trion is believed to be one of the first Transformers His ancient optic sensors watched Cybertron change from nightmare to paradise and back again over the course of millennia. Although he never pledged allegiance to any faction in modern times, the Autobots still venerate Alpha Trion for his legendary wisdom and compassion. Throughout the ages he was the secret guiding force behind the Council of Elders and its selection of new Primes, helping to assure that Cybertron and the Matrix were both well protected He was particularly fond of two Autobots, Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus with whom he shared a special bond It was said that Alpha Trion spent his last days deep within the heart of Cybertron itself, pondering the vast storehouse of knowledge there and making secret preparations for the darkest hour of his race.

Abilities: Information about Subject’s alternate mode and physical abilities were lost to time. He is one of the few Transformers with an idea of the true nature of the Matrix and Vector Sigma. His memory banks contain detailed knowledge about ancient Cybertronian history, mythology. and science and he is the sole Transformer to understand the mazelike system of ever-changing tunnels within Cybertron that lead to Vector Sigma.

Weaknesses: Alpha Trion exhibits no known physical weaknesses.

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