Transformers Autobot Cliffjumper

Updated: February 12, 2011


“Strike first, strike fast, strike hard.”

Profile: Eager and daring. Cliffjumper has all the qualities of a potential first-class warrior. However, his desire for vengeance against the Decepticons has, unlike Bluestreak’s passive rambling taken a more impatient, bloodthirsty form. “Let me at ’em” is usually the first statement out of his mouth even before a briefing on Decepticon activity is complete. Although he does care for the safety of Earth’s people, he often finds them and the planet’s terrain to be a hindrance to his effectiveness in battle, and he expresses this mild contempt by being somewhat careless and destructive of property.

Abilities: In his vehicle mode, subject is one of the fastest of the Ark-converted Autobot cars. Primary weapon is what subject has dubbed his “glass gas” rifle: this semi-automatic weapon shoots projectiles that explode on contact, covering their target with a destructive gas that disrupts most metals on a microscopic level, rendering them as brittle as glass.

Weaknesses: Subject’s rash actions often lead him into dangerous predicaments. Careless use of his glass gas rifle can expose him to his own weapon’s effects. Also worrisome is how wrapped up he can become in seeking retribution against the Decepticons.

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