Transformers Autobot Ironhide

Updated: February 16, 2011


“High tech circuitry is no replacement for guts.”

Profile: “Go chew on a microchip,” is lronhide’s calling card. Never the sort who likes to be told what to do, he prefers action to words. He refers to what he considers excessive talking as “leaking lubricant.” He’s the oldest Autobot, probably the toughest, most battle-tested and certainly the orneriest. Due to his defensive capabilities, he is usually in charge of safekeeping anything or anyone of importance, and sort of acts as Commander Optimus Prime’s personal bodyguard. His gruff exterior hides his kind inner soul; his concern for the protection of life, whether mechanical or biochemical, extends to the lowliest gasketroid or smallest sparrow.

Abilities: lronhide’s skin is made of a trithyllium-steel alloy impregnated with irradiated carbon fibers, giving him immunity to most forms of artillery and electromagnetic attacks. He is the most nearly invulnerable of the Autobots. His main weapon is what he playfully calls his -water gun.” It can shoot a stream of any number of liquids up to 1,000 feet. His choices include supercooled liquid nitrogen, superheated liquid lead, and a petro-chemical fluid that ignites upon contact. He also has sonar, radar, and a radiowave detector.

lronhide is the slowest Autobot. Due to his advanced years, he breaks down the most. His presence breeds dissension among seine of the younger, less compassionate Autobots who consider him an antiquated old heap whose contributions do not out-weigh his liabilities. Optimus Prime does not share their view.

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