Transformers Autobot Seaspray

Updated: March 3, 2011
transformers seaspray autobots



“Be unyielding as the ocean waves and your enemies shall fall.”

Profile: Shooting across the wave crests like a gleaming bullet, Seas-pray performs his job with a zest unmatched by any of his fellow Autobots. This is because for him the Earth is an even more unique experience than for his comrades—his do-main, the vast ocean, has no counter-part on his native Cybertron. And he loves the ocean. He loves the galaxy of creatures that inhabit its depths and he loves the freedom of movement its near-limitless expanse allows. He is saddened whenever it is necessary to revert back to his robot form on land. He also loves the thrill of naval battle, despite knowing that a single hit by enemy fire could send him to the bottom of the sea forever. It is a risk Seaspray finds as invigorating as the ocean air.

Abilities: As a hovercraft, Seaspray is capable of speeds up to 120 knots and has a 4000-mile range. He’s equipped with various sonar and radar devices as well as underwater and surface-to-air laser cannons. He also has wheels that enable him to travel for short distances on land. In robot mode, he also has use of his laser cannons, which he can shoot through his hands.

Weaknesses: Seaspray is not very strong or mobile in robot mode—he is a liability as a warrior on land.

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