Transformers Autobot Skids

Updated: February 10, 2011


“Deep down, we are more alike than unlike humans.”

Profile: No matter where he is physically. Skids thoughts are usually elsewhere. He is a consummate daydreamer whose prodigious intellect is always assimilating and analyzing new information. But Skids is no narrow-minded data-cruncher he combines a scientists curiosity and logic with an artist’s imagination as one of the most sensitive and introspective Transformers. His unique way of questioning the world around him has led Skids to many invaluable discoveries, both before and after the start of the Autobot/Decepticon war. Skids wishes he could blot out all knowledge of the dreadful conflict, and many Autobots believe that he often does based on his absent-minded behavior He often finds himself bumping into things while driving due to his daydreaming Skids would much rather be traveling Cybertron and other worlds like Earth, to learn about their cultures than formulating theories about the latest Decepticon attack For now, Skids is stuck in his role as a part of the Autobot army, but his mind is always wandering, pondering why things are and why the fighting continues.

Abilities: Subject is incredibly intelligent. He has an enormous memory absorption and storage capacity; he can record information almost instantaneously, scanning whole libraries in a few dozen breems. His specialties are anthropology and sociology in addition to general scientific research. Subject has an amazing knack for coming to accurate conclusions based on shreds of tactical data In vehicle mode, his specially designed brakes can stop him completely within 25 feet when traveling at 50 mph In robot mode, he carries a liquid nitrogen rifle with a 600-foot range, a 20.000-wilt twin electron blaster, and a rocket launcher.

Weaknesses: Subject’s tendency to daydream leaves him open to everything from accidents to enemy attacks. His frequent abrupt stops have a detrimental effect on his mechanical well-being. He is easily distracted by his cunosity. Physically he has below-average strength as a robot and below-average speed as a vehicle.

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