Transformers Autobot Skyhammer

Updated: March 12, 2011


“There is no disgrace in not succeeding, only in not trying.”

Profile: If you explained Skyhammer’s characteristics to someone, they’d surely think he was a great mechanoid. He is an observant and dedicated warrior tenaciously committed to protecting the innocent from harm at the hands of the Decepticons or any other aggressors. Skyhammer is an optimist who never accepts the words “can’t’ or impossible”. While all of these traits seem good, they don’t mention the grating effect he has on his comrades. Skyhammer condescendingly tries to tell everyone how to do their jobs always explaining how he would do it. His fellow Autobots find it frustrating because although Skyhammer is a valiant fighter who always defends the weak, he’s also overbearing and irritating. They feel guilty thinking this way about him, but he brings it on himself.

Skyhammer is highly powerful and intelligent. His outermost Pretender shell is a sky cruiser that can also function on autopilot or via Subject’s remote control It is armed with wing-mounted thermal blasters that can liquefy metal and a sensor and tracking array for homing in on targets His inner shell converts into a supersonic jet armed with lightning bolt cannons (also useable in the shell’s robot mode) Inner robot converts into a ground vehicle armed with a photon blaster that he also uses as a robot.

Weaknesses: His condescending attitude makes other Autobots less willing to follow his orders. even when he’s right.

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