Transformers Autobot Warpath

Updated: February 11, 2011



“A good shot is worth more than a good intention.” >

Profile:Even without the deafening roar of his cannon, Warpath always makes his presence known. The rambunctious warrior entertains all of his comrades with off-color jokes delivered in his distinctively theatrical manner of speech. Of course, most of Warpath’s monologues are about what an excellent warrior and marksman he is, but his good-natured attitude helps his friends overlook his tendency to brag Warpath takes pride in his abilities and especially his main weapon—he’s extremely proud and protective of his tank barrel.

Abilities: Warpath has tremendous strength and endurance. He is a skilled warrior and an expert sharpshooter capable of hitting a 5 mm object at a distance of 1.5 miles. In tank mode, he can traverse even the most difficult terrain at a maximum speed of 30 mph. His tank cannon, also useable in his robot mode, can fire a variety of shells that include acid, sonic charges, incendiary, explosive, cryogenic, and more.

Weaknesses: Subject’s vanity about his gun barrel can leave him depressed if It suffers even a scratch or a dent If upended in tank mode he can only right himself by reverting to robot mode.

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