Transformers Autobot Wheelie

Updated: February 20, 2011


“Only the fierce shall live.”


Profile: Wheelie’s led a tough life, and it shows_ A relatively young Transformer, he spent his early years having to deal with the chaos and violence of the spreading Autobot/Decepticon conflict. Abandoned by a society that was falling apart at the seams and without aid or guidance. Wheelie learned early on that he could only rely on himself. This has made him suspicious and hesitant to trust those he meets, Wheelie is always on the look-out for a sign of betrayal. However, once a friend has proven their good intentions. Wheelie’s loyalty is unshakable and unwavering, as it is for his brutish companion Gnaw and the leader of his Autobot resistance cell, Hot Rod Wheelie will fight fearlessly against the most hopeless odds, using whatever means he has available, to protect the only things important to him: his friends and his continued survival.

Abilities: Wheelie has below-average strength, but slightly above-average intelligence and great endurance. He is a self-taught survivalist whose natural cunning and stealth make him a formidable opponent who is often wrongfully underestimated.

Weakness: Subject is a fierce fighter who often wins battles by sheer determination, but he is still physically outmatched by most other Transformers.

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