Transformers Autobot Wreckers

Updated: February 9, 2011

An elite Autobot commando unit, the Wreckers are a rough-and-tumble group of warriors that aren’t afraid to get a little fuel on their hands to get the job done. Although their methods are a bit callous than is standard for Autobots. they are respected well for their tenacity and bottomless courage. Their roster is ever-changing, as some leave or are destroyed in combat, but their legacy remains unchanged

With a rotating roster that has included hotheaded mechanoids like Twin Twist and maniacal fighter like Whirl, only a strong hand could keep them in line and maintain their devotion to Autobot ideals. That role was filled by the incomparable Ultra Magnus, whose convictions were the bond that held the unit together through numerous trying times.

When the Autobot cause was temporarily retired during Shockwave’s tenure as leader, Ultra Magnus kept the Wreckers at the ready doing what they do best: fighting the good fight. The Wreckers worked valiantly as an elite security and rapid-deployment police unit, handling situations where heavy firepower and decisive strikes meant the difference between success and failure. With Shockwave’s ouster, the Wreckers gladly returned to proudly fight under the Autobot banner once more.

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