Transformers Barrage

Updated: February 24, 2011
Transformers Barrage

Barrage - Insecticon

Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Gunner
Sub Group: Insecticons

“Nothing left standing means nothing left to change.”

Profile: When Barrage is deployed onto the battlefield, the other Decepticons warily step back and let him go to work. Barrage is a thorough and merciless warrior who keeps firing long after the battle has been won militarily 1Aillen resistance crumbles and the enemy starts to retreat, he’ll shoot fleeing forces in the back and then start picking off any wounded Autobots left behind on the battlefield. Once there are no survivors, he’ll keep his onslaught going until the landscape itself is charred and ruined. Barrage knows no fear, and kindness itself is an alien concept to him. He does everything in his power to crush any glimmer of hope his foes may have, and he expects the same from everyone around him, he once shot a Decepticon guard for offering medical assistance to a critically wounded Autobot prisoner. Unsurprisingly, Barrage is not very popular with his comrades-in-arms.

Subject is a highly skilled gunner and adequate sniper In insect mode, he can fire non-stop explosive energy bolts from his multiple gun mounts His antenna can shoot powerful photon blasts In this mode, he can fly at 15 mph for approximately 400 miles. In robot mode, he wields an energo-sword and a sonic machine gun that shoots rapid-fire bursts of concentrated sound.

Weaknesses: Although heavily armed. Barrage is very weak and slow.

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