Custom Blackout

Updated: January 18, 2013

Blackout is one of the first Transformers to appear together with his minion Scorponok in the first sequel Transformers movie. He appeared as a Sikorsky MH-53 Pave Low helicopter as a disguise to hack the US Military network to find the location of Megatron and the All Spark. The same figure came out for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen… they called him Grindor.

Transformers Custom Toys presents our standard Custom Blackout. This is a movie accurate replica of Blackout in Transformers the movie. Its a non-transforming movie replica Blackout. It is made up of a 1:48 scale CH53 Sea Stallion helicopter model and a voyager class longhaul. It stands 11.5″ in length and 6″ wide. He has a magnetic removable hands and head that you can swap both arms with his rotor blade weapon. The chest cannon turns horizontally. I modded his left arm and equipped it with a cool pop-up gatling gun and on the opposite arm, a pop up missile pod. Oh yeah! You can pose a lot of action in the figure but has no waist articulation.

The paint scheme of Blackout is also based on the movie. Its got some weathering, shading, and color nuances that adds to its realistic look. it is finished with clear gloss coating to give a shiny and classy decal protection too. Enjoy!

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Custom Blackout

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