Transformers Chop Shop

Updated: February 24, 2011
Transformers Chop Shop

Chop Shop - Insecticon

Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Thief
Sub Group: Insecticons

“I take no prisoners, just spare parts.”

Profile: Chop Shop is so sly and skilled that his comrades still haven’t recognized his secret Regularly finding their quarters ransacked. many Decepticons openly wonder what daring Autobot manages to routinely infiltrate their base and take their valuables. Chop Shop wonders out loud right along with them but inside he’s always laughing—he’s the unrepentant kleptomaniac responsible The other Decepticons don’t suspect him because he’s even compelled to take his own stuff, so it looks like he was victimized too! He always has to come up with new excuses on the fly for why he’s later found using someone else’s missing rifle or Energon dispenser, but the thrill of getting caught only makes it that much more exciting for Chop Shop The greater the challenge of getting something, the more the greedy and daring Chop Shop wants to take it for himself

Abilities: Chop Shop has great intelligence and above-average strength that allows him to carry up to 30 tons. He is the most skilled thief among the Transformers, and is an expert at infiltration and bypassing security systems. In insect mode, he flies at speeds up to 30 mph thanks to his dual jets His razor-sharp pincers can slice through steel, and he has two precision lasers in his mouth In robot mode, he carries a photon cannon and a disrupter spear that can short out most security devices.

Weaknesses: Subject’s kleptomania is difficult to control and can put him in awkward dangerous situations His comrades are starting to suspect his activities

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