Transformers Cybertron

Updated: February 11, 2011


Orbiting Alpha Centauri, the planet Cybertron is a giant metallic planet the size of Earth’s neighbor Saturn. Composed almost entirely of metallic ore of varying physical properties, it is home to a race of powerful mechanical beings able to convert their bodies between robot mode and various alternate forms. For millennia the two dominant factions—the Autobots and Decepticons—have been at war with each other for control of their world and its remaining Energon.

Cybertron possesses a light oxygen-based atmosphere, suitable for the cooling needs of mechanical-based life as well as most carbon-based life forms. Orbiting the world are two moons (roughly half the size of Earth’s Moon): each of the moons has its own atmosphere, and their density leads them to have a comparable level of gravity to Cybertron itself Although once rich in resources, the constant demands of war had all but drained Cybertron’s supplies, forcing its inhabitants into stasis as the planet reformatted itself. This period is known as the Great Shutdown: it ended when Shockwave was reawakened and restored the planet to working order.


The interior of Cybertron is as poorly understood by existing scholars as the aforementioned reformatting. Underneath the surface is a complex system of tunnels and machinery, the exact nature and engineering of which has yet to be uncovered. Some, like Megatron. believed Cybertron to be a form of mobile fortress with planetary engines within it to facilitate its movement throughout the universe. It is unclear whether this belief was correct or whether Megatron was simply trying to classify the incomprehensible workings in a way he and others could understand.