19 Transformers DOTM toys

Updated: February 3, 2011

More and more Transformers DOTM toys are surfacing via ACToys website. magicikki of ACToys has posted the upcoming Transformers: Dark of the Moon toys. TFW2005 board has identified the following toys as Legends Skids, Deluxe NASCAR Blue Wrecker, Deluxe Crankcase/Dread, Deluxe Sideswipe, Voyager Military Helicopter, Voyager Ratchet, Deluxe Jolt, Deluxe Skids, Voyager Military Helicopter, Voyager Shockwave, Voyager Megatron, Voyager Ironhide Voyager Optimus Prime and a Leader Rosenbauer Panther Fire Truck. Whew! its only February and 5 more months until the film is released. More to come!!!