Transformers FOC – Animating The Transformers

Updated: October 20, 2011

GameInformer continues to roll with another exclusive article entitled “Animating The Transformers” as well as videos regarding Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. The article features the transformation sequence of Autobot characters including Optimus Prime, Jazz and the dinobot leader Grimlock. We hope to see some Decepticon character on the next update. Check out the details here

Transformers FOC - Grimlock CG

[quote]The team at High Moon is laser-focused on creating an authentic vision of the Transformer characters — one that is true to the roots of the character concepts, while still moving the fiction and visual treatment forward in exciting new directions. That philosophy is on display in a big way through the animation work that is going into Fall of Cybertron. Each character’s unique transformations is built to represent the nature of the character. Optimus Prime pounds the ground with the force of a gorilla. Jazz flips and twists like a break dancer. Grimlock morphs into a destructive monster like an uncontrollable hulk bursting forth from a smaller form.[/quote]