Transformers Fastlane

Updated: March 19, 2011

Transformers Fastlane Autobot

[quote type=”center”]”Either you’re out of my way or you’re out of luck.” [/quote]

Profile: Since Cloudraker assumed the role of a responsible older sibling, Fastlane responded by going in the exact opposite direction VVhether by nature or environment. Fastlane has settled into the role of the thoughtless, immature youngster to balance out his clone brother’s [See Cloning Process] carping and seriousness Some believe that Cloudraker’s nagging only facilitates Fastlane’s foolishness, since he knows his clone brother is always looking out for him, Fastlane feels comfortable maintaining his irresponsible, thrill-seeking lifestyle. As part of his never-ending quest for new kicks. Fastlane enjoys impersonating his identical brother while doing something embarrassing. Not even Cloudraker can stay mad at him for long, though Despite his wild antics and reckless driving. Fastlane is basically good-natured and likeable.

Weaknesses: Reckless maneuvers often leave Fastlane in need of maintenance Cs’ even serious repairs.

Abilities: Fastlane transforms into a dragster. with a maximum standard speed of 220 miles per hour. Jet boosters allow speed to increase to 550 miles per hour but only for .01004 breems. In both modes, Subject wields two sonic boom rifles, each capable of shattering a square foot of steel. He possesses slightly above-average strength.

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