Transformers Decepticon Hook

Updated: February 8, 2011


“Strive for perfection if others must suffer.”

Profile: Hook considers his fellow Decepticons to be crude, simple-minded, or otherwise flawed. The only other Constructicon that Hook secretly respects is Scrapper whose skills rival his own other than that. Hook’s snobbish ways aren’t just for show-he really has no time for those whom he considers unprofessional and unskilled. Hook’s perfectionism is legendary: he puts as much slow, agonizing effort into painting a detail onto a building as he shows when performing a delicate operation on a comrade The fact that other Decepticons can’t argue with his impressive skills only serves to make Hook even more unpopular among them

Abilities: Subject is skilled in all forms of construction technology, with a specification in Transformer physiology and surgery. He is very strong in vehicle mode his crane can lift over 20 tons: it positions objects with an error level lower than .00001% In robot mode, he wields a laser pistol. Subject forms head module of Devastator.

Weaknesses: Subject’s quest for perfection makes him take too long on trivial tasks, which delays projects or even puts him at risk on the battlefield.

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