Transformers Inscecticon Venom

Updated: February 27, 2011
Transformers Venom

Insecticon Venom


“Friends are more dangerous than enemies.”

Profile: Venom undermines his own position as nominal leader of the Insecticons by ostracizing himself from the others He fears that allowing anyone too close to him would open him up to blackmail or make him vulnerable to attack. While he’s not entirely wrong—Decepticons like Kickback live for such opportunities—this attitude also makes it impossible for him to establish his control over the group. Venom knows that he’s the most qualified leader in terms of experience, but he particularly fears Shrapnel as a potential threat to his command.

Abilities: Venom is incredibly intelligent and skilled. He is an expert in psychology and tactics, although he is less skilled in the cognitive realm than Bombshell In insect mode, he can fly at 15 mph for 300 miles. His stinger is capable of punching through up to a 1/4 inch of steel but can break off in some stronger metals. Once inserted, the stinger can pump any number of toxins into its target, from corrosive acid that can dissolve a Transformer s innards to powerful neurotoxins that affect organic life forms. In robot mode, he wields an electro-blaster rifle and an energo-scythe.

Weaknesses: Venom is physically weak and slow. His paranoia and inability to trust his troops diminishes his ability to command.

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