Transformers Kranix

Updated: February 11, 2011


“Before you can be a survivor, you must be a winner.”

Profile: Chivalrous, well-skilled in the art of war, Kranix is a friar warrior and the last survivor of the planet Lithone. Like all Lithones, Kranix possesses a high percentage of emotional circuits in his computer brain. But instead of incapacitating him with fear, as it does his friend Arbius, these extra emotional circuits have given him the most complete personality of any robot in existence. In fact, Autobots who have met both Kranix and Earthlings have actually said he seems more human than some of the Earthlings they know.

Kranix can transform into a star-spanning space cruiser in .25 of a second. In space cruiser form he can reach speeds of over 1,000 miles a second for short bursts. His neutron-propelled engines give him an almost infinite range as they can use even the smallest atomic particle in space to power them, though because of the scarcity of such particles. Kranix’s speed is literally slowed to a crawl once his fuel reserves are exhausted.

Weaknesses: The burden of being the last survivor of his home planet Lithone has taken a huge toll on Kranix. A melancholy cloud seems to hang over him. Some say he has lost all purpose in life and can now achieve peace only in a warrior’s death in the forefront of battle.

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