Transformers Motormaster Stunticon

Updated: February 18, 2011



“These wheels are made for crushing.”

Profile: The best way to put Motormaster in perspective is this: How vile must a Decepticon be to earn the hatred and disgust of his own comrades? Motorrnaster is the answer to that question. Its not just his absolute cruelty and remorselessness that make him a menace, its the unhidden joy he takes in causing pain and suffering, even among his own troops He’s a master of simple-minded bullying psychology mentally torturing his warriors into effective soldiers. Motormaster acts from a sense of entitlement that defies conscience, never letting anyone forget that he’s utterly convinced of his awn invincibility. And he’s not far off in that respect since his level of power makes it difficult to hinder, let alone stop, him from performing whatever atrocity springs to his diabolical mind. I shudder to think what might happen if he were to be set free once again. Its for these reasons that I recommend permanent deactivation for this prisoner.

Abilities: Motormaster’s physical strength and resistance to damage is exceptional. At his vehicle mode’s top speed of 140 mph, Motormaster can crush a 20-foot block of concrete into powder with no apparent damage to himself. He’s been known to claim that not even the legendary Optimus Prime could withstand being rammed by him. As a robot, he wields an atom-smasher rifle and an energo-blade. He forms the torso element of Menasor.

Weaknesses: Although he consumes fuel at a high rate, Motormaster has no real physical liabilities The utter contempt most Decepticons have for him limits his chances of getting help. but he rarely needs any

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