Transformers Power Up Optimus Prime #2

Updated: February 8, 2011

Update #3 This is my final update on Transformers Power Up Optimus Prime #2. I made some custom led lights on Power Up to add some gimmick on it. More gimmick will soon follow on the next #3 out of 10 TCT Power Up Prime. Enjoy.

Update #2:

I already finish Power Up Prime #2. Posted below is an image of the finish MAC and a teaser video. I will post different angles soon.

Finished MAC

Here’s a teaser Power Up#2 Video:

This is my follow up work on my #2 of 10 custom Power Up Prime. I have applied paint into it but i have not yet attached OP’s thrusters. More detailed and high resolution pics to follow. Please always stay tuned to Transformers Custom Toys.

A work-in-progress Pic