Transformers Predaking Combiners

Updated: February 11, 2011


“Destroy first, ask questions later.”

Profile:Predaking is an experiment that the Autobots cannot afford for the Decepticons to repeat. The five component Predacons, despite their wildly varying personalities, are all unified by their hunting instincts and ferocity in battle. Their fusion as Predaking is one of the most effective in the history of combining Transformers; Predaking moves, speaks, and acts as if he were a single Transformer killing machine instead of a haphazard amalgamation of five different units. Predaking is a decisive being of pure, destructive action. Although adequately intelligent, the speed with which he acts and reacts makes it appear that he relies solely on instinct when making a decision.

Abilities: Subject utilizes Combiner technology to unite the five Predacons. He is immensely strong, lifting 500 tons is barely a strain on his servos. His cerebro-circuitry is designed to optimize fast action, upon noticing movement, he can run a friend/foe threat analysis calculate which course of action will be most effective, and react all in under .000278 breems. He is unusually dexterous for a combined Transformer. Subject’s armaments include an energo-sword. an x-ray laser cannon and twin mortar launchers on each foot He has shoulder-mounted cannons (from Razorclaw’s torso), and can also generate an electric force field that protects him from energy attacks.

Weaknesses: Subject’s force field is extremely draining on his power reserves other than that, he has no physical weaknesses.

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