Transformers Proctectobot First Aid

Updated: February 17, 2011



“An ounce of maintenance is worth a pound of cure.”

Profile: First Aid is one of the most empathetic of all Transformers. He feels sympathy for any being he sees in pain, from the most basic carbon-based organism to the most highly developed robotic life form. First Aids compassion even extends to inanimate objects; he winces if someone punches a wall or wrecks a piece of equipment He wants to see everything functioning in perfect condition and without suffering, so he tirelessly works to repair the seemingly endless damage caused by war. Although the introverted doctor agrees with Groove’s anti-war tendencies, First Aid has overcome his initial hesitation to engage in combat. Still, he is deeply affected by seeing even Decepticons damaged; watching Blades gleefully tearing through the enemy has been known to make First Aid ill But First Aid knows that if the Autobots don’t fight to win the hurting will never stop for anyone, so he struggles on His guilt over being involved in combat only makes him work that much harder to heal his comrades, which they greatly appreciate despite First Aid’s sometimes overly cautious preventative prescriptions.

: Subject has great intelligence and amazing skill in medicine, maintenance, Transformer physiology and repair, and electronics. In vehicle mode, he can travel at a maximum speed of 110 mph for a distance of 500 miles. He has the option of deploying a double-barreled decrystallizer cannon that undermines the basic crystalline structure of most metals, making them weaker and more susceptible to damage. In robot mode, he wields a photon pistol that shoots blinding beams of light. Each of his fingers has a variable-level laser generator. he can use them as laser scalpels on his fingers for precision surgery, or concentrate the energies and fire laser blasts through his fists. He joins with the other Protectobots to form Defensor.

Weaknesses: Subject has below-average strength and speed. Use of his decrystallizer cannon can cause malfunctions in his electrical systems.

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